Jacek Glinka, President Medicines for Europe – The Future of the Accesible Medicine Industry and the European Vision for Improving Health and Well-being of Romanians

Jaime Espín, PhD. Professor, Andalusian School of Public Health – Learning from Europe: Differences that Count in Pricing and Reimbursement Systems of Generic and Biosimilar Medicines


Realitatea TV, 25 April 2017, live news from International Health Forum
Fewer cheap medicines

Realitatea TV, 26 April 2017, news journal
Clawback tax, challenged

Realitatea TV, 27 April 2017, Prime Time news featuring 15 min interview with APMGR Laurentiu Mihai
One million patients treated with indifference

Realitatea TV,10 May 2017, Prime Time news featuring 15min interview with APMGR Adrian Grecu
Clawback tax: a burden

Prima TV, 25 April 2017, evening news journal
Quick access to treatment

Antena 3, 26 April 2017, evening news journal
No solutions for medicine crisis yet

TVR, 25 April 2017, evening news journal
Acute medicines crisis

TVR, 8 May 2017, evening news journal
The clawback tax endangers many treatments, producers say. CNAS promises to solve the problem this month

B1, 25 April 2017, news journal
Medicines crisis